Students from the University of Lincoln managed to win an award at the 2009 Royal Television Society National Student Awards.

The show named “Best Friends That Love Each Other” won the entertainment award. It featured a series of well produced sketches, showcasing the team’s production and performance ability.

It was produced by Alex Holland, Michael Henry, Stuart Almond, and Daryll Gregory, who all graduated in 2009 in media production. They had already won the regional award for their sketches last October.

Almond said: “When you are making a film, especially comedy, you never know how it’s going to be received. I have been in the room as various people have watched it for the first time. Different people laugh at different things.”

The judges awarded the prize to this film, saying it was “an ambitious project that was hugely impressive, and revealed massive potential in both the on and off screen talent.”

Dr Sarah Barrow, head of the Lincoln School of Media, said: “We are thrilled that Alex, Stuart, Michael, and Daryll, recent graduates of the Lincoln School of Media, have received this richly deserved national recognition for their work.

Other awards went to the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, and the University of Wales amongst others.

You can watch one of the award winning sketches below:

By Sam Long

Staff Reporter