The University of Lincoln has been ranked ninth nationally in a list defining which universities receive the most positive online coverage.

The survey analyses the content of 4,000 blogs, news and review sites, finding that Lincoln is ninth for positive “buzz” about universities on blogs.

Mark Westaby, director of online reputation at Portfolio Communications who did the survey, said: “What this means is that there are a lot of people out there talking about the University of Lincoln in their blogs.”

Joss Winn, technology officer at the university’s Centre for Educational Research and Development, said to the University of Lincoln’s press office: “Blogging takes various forms, but broadly speaking it is a form of web-based self-publishing. Prior to the web, it was difficult and costly for people to publish and distribute their thoughts and their work widely.

“But it’s not simply about web publishing; blogging is a powerful network – in the ‘blogosphere’ a multitude of blogs (and therefore people) are connected through a web of mutual references, discussions, links, and ideas. The web liberated the global exchange of knowledge. Blogging is liberating the conversation around that knowledge and providing a space for the creation of new forms of knowledge, too.”

Mark Westaby, talking to Times Higher Education, clarified what the poll was meant for: “The poll is intended as a useful indicator to help universities position themselves in what is an increasingly competitive environment.”

The universities with the most positive coverage for blogs was Glyndwr University, and in related polls the University of Kent had the most positive coverage on news sites and the University of Sheffield in online reviews.

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