–Tom Farmery and Oliver Gibbons contributed with this report

The Linc‘s World Cup coverage kicked off England’s opening group game of the 2010 World Cup against USA on Saturday, June 12th.

The Library Bar was the venue for the first report with further reports to be filmed at a different location for each England game.

5 thought on “World Cup Report 2010: England v. USA”
  1. Great report, hopefully the future report will be at venues with a bit more atmosphere to really capture the occasion. Just one small point, in the highlights which are included, Altidore hit the post after Heskey had the chance which he hit at the goalkeeper. However, on here they are the other way round. Although the times are displayed it’s a little misleading.

  2. Tom’s a young Adrian Chiles, very good. Perhaps you could find a bar with people in it for future games, and give us a few interesting facts… otherwise very good.

  3. Thank you both for your comments, they are both highly appreciated and your points have been taken into account by myself.

    Matt – We wanted to begin the coverage at a more intimate bar such as the Library Bar so that we could get a true feel to what smaller bars were doing for the World Cup (in-house betting) and also to show how much of an impact the event can have upon bars in Lincoln of any size.

    The point you have made regarding the highlights is valid. However and it maybe hasn’t come across substantially, we were trying to seperate the team’s second half highlights so there would be a contrast in performances but I agree it may appear misleading. It is something Oli and I have since looked at and we will be looking to make changes to the structure of the Algeria report.

    Steve – I haven’t heard that one before however it’s a pleasant compliment to receive. Yet I think I need to practice my Birmingham accent a bit more.

    Our next report is set to be in a larger bar that may attract a few more people than the Library Bar did on Saturday. Finally, I’ll be sure to have some interesting facts up my sleeve come Friday evening.

  4. Good report Tom, enjoyed that.

    Dunno if the fella at the end had a clue what he was talking about though – “before we weren’t playing well but getting results, now we are playing better but not getting results” (or something like that) – surely it should be the other way round? Good performances get you NOWHERE if you don’t get the result to go with it!

  5. Nice one Tom :)an interesting slant with the smaller bar!
    I am confident we can beat the Germans :)

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