The Boy with Tape on his Face is a fantastic show where music and audience participation are key to the performance.

It began with the typical intro explaining that the audience will be involved and please take part or “you will look like a cock”. It’s true, but luckily for us all the audience members who were chosen really got into the performance.

It’s amazing what one man can do with a bag and box of props, along with an unknowing audience of course. From a Full Monty strip (from a very enthusiastic audience member) to a Lady in Red dance montage with a coat.

A piece of clay on a record acts as a fine Ghost replica whilst a pair of shoes with a wig and three backing dancers from the audience provide a Jackson 5 tribute like no other. Small things like a musical bin which ‘sang’ “I Like to Move It” by Reel 2 Real whenever opened also brings a massive grin to everyone’s faces.

The tape across Sam Wills’ face made the show difficult at times, audience members were left guessing about what they were meant to do — but that was the point. Laughs were gained from his desperation to convey what he needed to with no speech. His unrelenting hand gestures and the determination is his eyes meant that when the unknowing volunteers finally caught on there were cheers from the audience.

With about 130 people in the room, the risk of being picked was minimal and luckily a seat in the middle of the audience will keep this even lower. The show was intimate and so perfected that it’s difficult to fault.

It’s even more difficult to describe and there’s no doubt that actions really are stronger than words, especially in the case of  The Boy with Tape on his Face.

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