“There’s a lot of bullshit out there,” says Andy Metcalfe, Sound Of Guns frontman. The Liverpool rockers released their debut album “What Came From Fire” earlier this year and are setting their sights firmly on the future.

“How would I describe sound of guns? Just a boss band with good songs and an immensely good looking singer, modest as well,” Metcalfe says. Sound of Guns are often compared to U2 and The Enemy, which the singer doesn’t really understand and says the band don’t even listen to them. “We get millions of comparisons, as long as it’s a good band it’s flattering really it’s a strange complement.”

But Metcalfe maintains that to be a completely original band is pretty impossible nowadays: “The U2 thing is ‘cos we really have it on stage and we have an epic sound to us, but that’s as far as it goes for me.””>

It’s been a full on 18 months for the band playing at a host of festivals across Europe, including Glastonbury and Reading: “We did Majorca Rocks with The Courteeners too. The sun was coming down and thousands of people were there, that was pretty special.

“The gigs are full of soul, man. We love playing them so it’s done with passion. I like to climb about a bit, it’s got me in some bad situations. As long as the speakers are sat down right its usually ok — sometimes they’re not and get pretty dangerous.”

When asked if he’s ever fallen he said “the band will say yes but I’m gonna say no. I always land on my feet but I have fell off some speakers yeah”.

“There was no big audition process,” Metcalfe says discussing the formation of the band. “Me and Simon (Finley, the drummer) were in a band before, and when that broke up we carried on writing songs and kept our eye out for other like-minded musicians. We bumped into Nathan (Crowley, guitarist) in a pub, he ended up coming down and we wrote ‘Alcatraz’ that night. We just got together through friends of friends, me and Si new each other and Nathan knew Coley (the bassist) and Lee (Glynn, guitarist).

Looking ahead Sound of Guns are ready to head out on a nationwide tour, and have begun work on their next album. “We’ve been writing and recording [and] did three demos last week. We’ve got a massive tour coming up, and then a tour with The View and basically [will] get another album out.”

With the music industry being highly focused on electronic based music, where does that leave a straight-up guitar band like Sound of Guns?

“In a bit of a position really, it’ll come full circle,  bu teach to their own and good luck to the people who are doing the whole electronic thing– but obviously that’s not our scene,” Metcalfe says.

By Sam Long

Staff Reporter

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