— Lyndsey Howard contributed with this report.

The Engine Shed saw the first Refreshers Fayre on Tuesday, January 25th as more than twenty stalls had a second go to encourage students to sign up to various sports and societies.

Although many students had concerns regarding the event being held on a day when many students had lectures, the event was still fairly popular with many finding time to attend.

Jonathan Holmes, liberation officer of Lincoln SU, was very impressed with the amount of people that turned up: “It was a bit slow to start with, but it has gradually picked up. It’s been quite a steady flow throughout the day. The idea of the event was to remind students what opportunities there are available to them.

“We chose this first week because it seemed ideal with people starting back anyway and some having exams last week and you can’t really get time off for this kind of event unless it is Freshers’ week.”

However, some people weren’t as convinced. Roxy Driver, president of the Ultimate Frisbee Team, described the event as “pretty quiet”, saying: “I think if they’d done it last week when not many people had lectures, that would have been a better idea.”

Tim McDonnell-Woods, president of the History society, described the turnout as “reasonable”, saying: “It’s not as good as it was the first Freshers’ Fayre, but it is a Refreshers’ Fayre so it’s not going to be as big as the old one.”

Other events in Refreshers’ Week include the annual Housing Fayre on Wednesday, January 26th and the familiar themed club nights at the Engine Shed.