It might have begun back in 1993, but the original tribute to the Blues Brothers is still set to be fresh as it visits Lincoln’s Theatre Royal at the end of January.

Brad Henshaw, director and one half of the brothers blue, explained what makes the show ‘all new’: “I wanted to make some changes to the show and add some different songs and some different kind of Blues sort of sketches.

“Bring three girls in instead of two, as we used to have, so there’s a lot of things that are new to the production. People who have seen it before are in for a treat because it’s as good as ever, it’s got a new set a brand new set we have new costumes.”

The show has had a long history and has travelled extensively across Europe and in July will be going to the USA. It has also previously visited Lincoln and Henshaw said that the show always had a good turnout in the city.

“We’re very much looking forward to coming back to Lincoln and playing there again… what I’ve always found is what happens in Lincoln is people are always very supportive of the show and very much enjoy what we do,” Henshaw explained.

Those familiar with the Saturday Night Live sketches and the film will know how energetic the performances will be. “It is quite exhausting and it’s a very physically demanding show for my own part as taking the part of John Belushi [Jake Blues].

“It’s physically demanding I think for everyone really on the show because people pay money to come and see a show, you have to perform and do what you do and do it with a smile on your face and its doesn’t matter what happened in the day for you, you have to go out and perform for people because they’ve paid money.

This Blues Brothers show isn’t all about the cast and audience participation is key for Henshaw: “We love the audience to dress up, I mean some of the ladies come as nuns, some of the guys come as blues brothers with hats and glasses on, some girls come with hats and glasses on.

“We’ve had people dressed up as cowboys before from the film The Good Ol’ Boys, so we get lots of people dressed up and that’s part of the fun you know, it’s part of the crack and it’s a part of the whole thing; to come with your hats and glasses on.”

According to Henshaw this is the “biggest Blues Brothers show in the world” and was at one point the official tribute sanctioned by Judy Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Henshaw said: “We don’t have that now I must make it clear but in as much as that it’s got a life of it’s own the show has and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a good action packed thrilling fun show to come and see and be involved in because we like people to dress up and come along and party with us.”

The show is completely live from the backing singers to the seven piece band and for Henshaw this is the appeal of the show. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that’s perfect like a record but if someone per forms well and performs live you’re seeing somebody’s talent and that’s one of the things I don’t like about the current crowd of people… using miming to things and stuff like that.

“I mean I’m old school and I come from the background of ‘if you cant sing then you shouldn’t be a singer, if you cant act you shouldn’t be an actor’ and that’s the way it is for me. Some nights I’ve had a bad throat but I still go on and do what I can do,” Henshaw said.

The all new original tribute to the Blues Brothers will be at the Theatre Royal from the 24th-29th January. Tickets start from £18.50 and are available from the theatre.