The effect of Wikileaks, how to fool the media and the MoD’s press department are some of the big topics to be discussed in this semester’s Journalists Speak Out on Journalism talks at the University of Lincoln.

The talks, open to students and the public alike, are hosted by Professor Richard Keeble in the Cargill Lecture Theatre in the Main Building of the university. The sessions will take place from 6:15 to 7:15pm.

The series begins on February 7th with Jane King, the first female editor of Farmers Weekly, with a talk on “Farming: the industry the media too often forget”. King was recognised as Business Editor of the Year in the British Society of Magazine Editor Awards in October 2010.

On February 21st, Brigadier Mark van der Lande, chief press officer at the Ministry of Defence, will hold a talk on the media and the military from an MoD perspective. This lecture will only be open to students, as it will be held according to the Chatham House Rule of confidentiality.

David Hayward and Kevin Marsh, both of the BBC College of Journalism and the International Communications Forum will discuss “Journalism and the fourth dimension: The challenges of reporting the new world” on February 28th. Hayward has worked for the BBC for 15 years whilst Marsh is the Executive Editor at the BBC College of Journalism.

March 14th sees Chris Atkins discuss “False news – and how to foil the media”. Atkins is a BAFTA nominated film producer behind the film “Starsuckers” in which his team fooled various newspapers in to printing fake celebrity gossip.

Martin Moore, director of Media Standards Trust will be talking about “The best of times; the worst of times: Journalism in the age of abundance” on March 21st.

Wikileaks is the focus on April 4th as Bridget Kendall and Angus Stickler will both discuss the controversial whistle-blowing site in their indiviual talks. Kendall, visiting professor and diplomatic correspondent from the BBC will ask “What impact has Wikileaks had on diplomatic journalism?”. Kendall has visited the university before in 2009, discussing journalism in an age of spin.

Stickler, chief news correspondent of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, will follow with his talk: “History Rewritten: The Wikileaks Iraq War Logs”. Stickler has won numerous awards and covered a variety of stories from the Muslim insurgency in Thailand to the Iraq war.

Several talks throughout the series will be filmed by The Linc and will available to watch both live and on demand in the Guest Lectures archive.