Nomadic business and law faculty students finally got their much-anticipated building yesterday, January 24th, when it was officially opened by Lincoln’s former vice-chancellor Professor David Chiddick.

Business and law students have never had their own building before, having to use a variety of other faculty buildings across campus.

Professor Chiddick was the guest of honour at the opening ceremony, with the building named after him.

He ran the university from 2000 until 2009 overseeing many developments, like the Engine Shed and Great Central Warehouse library.

The new business and law building was once home to the Lincolnshire Echo. When the local paper downsized its team and no longer needed the space, the University of Lincoln bought the building back in 2009.

It has been converted into a modern academic building, with large learning spaces and state-of-the-art equipment. However, some of the old characteristics were kept, including ink stains from the old newspaper print works on the internal concrete strcutures.

In his speech, Professor Chiddick said: “It is an enormous privilege and an honour… I’ve spent the last 40 years of my own working life involved in inner city regeneration. Part of that has been about the re-use of functionally and economically obsolete buildings.”

He also spoke about how he’d visit John Grubb, editor of the Lincolnshire Echo, so he could look around the building. He said he had an “unholy desire” for the building “long before the board of governors got to hear about it”.

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  1. Modern, with that disabled acsess?! The current acsess is a joke, the doors are far too heavy for wheelchair users, so they have to get someone to open the door for them. NOt all wheelchiar users have an assistent to help them. A simple push button on the door would help

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