Over the past year vice-president activities has been Andreas Zacharia, who has is running for the position again this year. Other candidates include John Conway and Michael Stewart.

Zacharia says in his manifesto that he has had “a year of 100% success” citing the Snowflake ball, Pep rally and the Talent Show as well as the introduction of the Refreshers Fayre.

There have been concerns that the role of activities could mean that depending on the person elected, could mean either sports or societies is neglected. Zacharia entered the role as a keen rugby player and acknowledges that there were concerns he would favour sports but says “after being in the job for a year I now know every society and sports team… there is no divide, it doesn’t exist.”

In last year’s elections Zacharia ran on a three wishes campaign which “as a literal meaning no one came to me and said we want three wishes” says Zacharia apart from the rowing team who wanted a new boat, which they got.

This year’s campaign is “keeping Lincoln fresh” and parodying the “Fresh Prince of Bel-air”, despite Zacharia having been in the role for a year already.

There has also been a video spoofing the titles for the television programme which Zacharia hopes will get him votes as he is “willing to make some cringe video”.

The specific aims in his manifesto are to help people “highlight the skills learnt as a result of being part of a society or team” to get jobs, to showcase individual talent at the university and to find more space for the societies and sports teams.

John Conway believes that by being a sport and exercise student as well as societies council chair that he will give sports and societies equal support which he thinks has not been done before.

Conway wants to do this by having “three annual meetings with every club and society. This is going to be one at the start of the year, one at the middle of the year and one at the end of the year. This is so that I know how the progression of the sport or the society has been “.

He also wants to ensure that money for sports and societies is defended by “work[ing] alongside the SU to justify reasons to why sports and societies are in need of money”.

Michael Stewart is the current president and captain of the rugby league team and said at hustings that he joined a sports team to improve university life for himself.

His manifesto says that he will forge relationships to improve the services already in place and allow “the various clubs to have access to a wider range of facilities and enable greater forging of links for each sport and society in the community”.
His manifesto says he would also improve social events for the clubs and improve communication.

The Linc was unable to get in contact with Michael Stewart.

To listen to the interviews with Andreas Zacharia and John Conway in full:

[audio:https://thelinc.co.uk/Podcast/suelections/Activities and andreas.mp3]
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  1. I think Jon Conway spoke with eloquence and grace. However Andreas seemed to stumble over his words and when asked questions he wasn’t seemingly prepared for and put him in a tight spot over how he has run his department this past year, he seemed to lose faith in what he was saying.

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