The University of Lincoln is intending to charge tuition fees of £9,000 per year from 2012, the maximum amount after the limit on fees was increased in December 2010.

It had previously been suggested that the university would have to charge £7,500 to break even.

The city’s other university, Bishop Grosseteste, intends to charge £7,500 per year. The University of Lincoln is charging closer to the majority of universities in the country – with the current nationwide average level of fees around £8,700 at time of publication.

Mary Stuart, the university’s vice-chancellor, said: “this decision will allow the university to continue to grow and enhance the student experience for the benefit of all of our community.”

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union described the university as being in an “unfortunate position” blaming the increase as an “unavoidable result of the significant funding withdrawals from higher education by the government”.

The university says it will offer “a strong package of support for students”, as required by the Office of Fair Access, who have to approve plans from any university wishing to charge more than £6,000.

The support includes scholarships and bursaries, however, the university announced plans in February 2010 to cut most of the bursaries they offered as a cost saving measure. Financial support will also be available “from a number of employers such as Siemens”.

Dan Derricott, vice-president academic affairs at Lincoln SU, praised work on these support packages saying: “We are grateful to the university for continually engaging with us as they seek to design access and support arrangements.”

13 thought on “Goodbye £9,000, hello University of Lincoln”
  1. “this decision will allow the university to continue to grow and enhance the student experience for the benefit of all of our community.”- Not if there’s no students there to benefit from this ‘enhancement’.

  2. Most univerties will charge the same, what goverment offical stupifdly told David Camron that most unis will charge less, as if. If you can get away with it most people charge as much as possible for something. Student loans should cover this however and paying it back is not that bad. My boyfriend only gets charges less than £2 oerweek on his paycheck for it.

  3. It is kind of inevitable given how small Lincoln is in comparison to other Universities, meaning that its funding was always lower as a result. Makes me wonder now whether I want to stay on and do a Masters course.

  4. Unfortunately with some courses here I am not sure we get value for money with our education as it is! Must they really make students pay the maximum amount when we are NOT top of the league tables nor the popular choice as it is? Or has the university become just another of the countries institutes who are hiding their greed behind the new rules and justifying it exactly the same way by claiming “the need to improve standards”? I might be mistaken but shouldn’t standards come before an increase in payment? the rules of supply and demand just are not the same any more!… More interestingly is the comment about helping the local community, does this mean with the income from new students increasing to three times what it was, that the funding taken from the theatre royal to help support the engine shed will be given back as the financial luck of the university is about to change?

  5. I wouldn’t see an issue with the University charging higher tuition fees if it offered the same standard of education of other universities. I know people at other Unis who are there for three times the hours a week I am. I don’t see how they can charge the same price as universities like York, who have timetabled hours of around 24 a week when we’re only doing 8? It’s disgusting.

  6. It was inevitable that the university of Lincoln would charge £9k a year. If you think about there are roughly 10000 students here for every £100 under the £9k limit that the university can charge, the university looses about £1M. It was always going to happen as it isn’t about education, it is only about one thing and that is money.

  7. This is surely excellent news for many traditional and red brick universities, with better reputations than Lincoln? I imagine their Vice-Chancellors would have been worried sick that places like Lincoln (with its significantly lower running costs) would have undercut them, resulting in students choosing universities on the basis of cost instead of reputation and rating!

  8. The degree I got from Lincoln isn’t worth the 3 grand per year I paid, so Great King Odin only knows how they’re going to justify the full £9000 fees. Presumably they’ll just use the money to keep constructing extraneous new buildings, ignoring the needs and issues of the inevitably-dwindling student body, and the Union will carry on being an utterly gutless body that’s completely terrified of standing up to the university administration on anything. I’m particularly impressed by the strong position they’ve taken on this issue. Inspiring, isn’t it?

  9. Jon…I disagree with you about the Students’ Union. In my opinion the SU has done a great job representing the students’ opinions by putting all their efforts into opposing the higher fees. However, this time those efforts weren’t enough, it was really was out of their hands, and probably out of the University’s hands too; without charging that much they would hardly be able to break even. However, if you feel passionately about it and think that a stronger position should have been taken, perhaps you should have stood for an officer position within the SU to have a go at making a change yourself? Unfortunately, despite opposition of the fees from a majority of students now, during the earlier stages of the fees debate it was a minority of students that were involved with the protests etc.

  10. i personally woudnt mind coz i want to apply to that university next year and i hope they can get me a schorlaship i am from a foreigh country from the top school in my country so i dont know if i will get there with my top grades and ohh i think the idea is a great one because the world we are in is developing too fast so gentlemen and ladies wake up

  11. look i think it will be worth it with time to come excuse me guys Rome was not built in one day my school has been the best in my country from years back come on its history is not that good just be patient and give the people in charge time to sort them selves you will see the fruits

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