Work has begun to install portable cabins for first year students who have not yet been allocated permanent accommodation by the university to move into on Sunday.

The cabins, hired from the company Bunkabins, are being installed in the LPAC car park and each can accommodate two students. They are fully powered, heated and are furnished with two single beds, two desks, a flushing toilet and shower but no cooking facilities.

Those students can pay £55 a week for meals at the university, consisting of breakfast and an evening meal each day.

The university has confirmed that the temporary student village will have full time security.

An email sent to the students without a place to live yet told them to arrive at the university on Sunday with “bare essentials” until more permanent accommodation can be found.

The Linc has been contacted by a number of new students worried and unsure about where they’ll be moving into on Sunday.

Becky, who applied for accommodation after entering the university through clearing last month, told us about her frustration at trying to get a home.

She said: “It’s nerve racking enough moving out of home, let alone not having anywhere to move into. It just would have been nice to have been kept informed of updates as most of my emails were ignored.

“The woman on the phone was really nice and reassuring in all fairness but it’s easy to tell us not to worry, it’s another thing wanting to enjoy freshers’ but having the hassle of having no where to live.”

Lewis, who also applied for accommodation the day of clearing, said he didn’t hear anything from the university until two and a half weeks after he had initially applied.

He said: “Seeing as I start in less than a week, I find this all very stressful and poorly organised, making me very apprehensive to go to such a institution for my future education.”

In a statement made by the university, they said: “Staff are working round the clock to source additional long-term accommodation in the city.”

“While this work continues, we have taken the unprecedented step of creating a temporary student village on the Brayford Campus with a number of comfortable, en-suite cabins. These are fully serviced and close to all the university amenities.

“This will enable people to come to the city for welcome week while they are waiting for their permanent room. We’re also arranging a number of options to provide short-term accommodation this weekend, including guest houses and other lodgings round the city.

“We are determined to ensure that every new student arriving in the city this weekend has accommodation waiting for them.”

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