–Sian Borrill contributed with this report.

Matt Elliot, better known by his stage name Battleship Romance, is a singer/songwriter from Boston who has recently released his second EP ‘The Wake of Emotion’.

His sound is mainly electro-pop but it began differently as an acoustic adventure, with comedy songs such as ‘Chickens With Chainsaws’ and ‘Cat In a Dress’.

Since then, Elliot said that he has definitely matured in regard to song writing: “Beforehand it was about writing songs that made people laugh. Nowadays, I spend a lot more time on my lyrics, and the song writing process. I feel the lyrics in my last EP are my best to date,”

Upon purchasing an iMac in 2008, Elliot tried to play around with various instruments and with guidance from Sam Bartl of Dive Bella Dive, he purchased LogicPro and some new synth packs and his new sound was born.

Elliot has many inspirations when he is writing music, which includes bands such as Owl City and The Ready Set, and little things such as “hot summer days, alcoholic beverages, sleepless nights, break ups and Pokémon.”

Elliot said that he is eager for new fans. “My main goal with this music is just to get a bit of recognition from people. I’d just like people to have heard about my music, and to appreciate the effort that I have put into writing the songs.”

However he admits that getting recognition is his main weakness so far. “I’ve sent my songs to many blogs/magazines, but I have only been featured on a Belgian online magazine. It’s hard to make people listen to someone they haven’t heard of. I think my biggest fan is in Mexico. He has all of my material,” Elliot explained.

Elliot has played a lot around Lincolnshire, including a couple of appearances in Lincoln. He played The Apple Tree cafe bar in 2009 and more recently in August, headlined at Kind bar for their A-level party.

Elliot said that the best place to gig is back home at the Axe and Cleaver in Boston. “The crowd is mainly filled with my friends, and they have at least heard my music. In terms of venue size, I’d say the biggest gig I have played would be the Embassy Centre in Skegness,” he explained.

Both of Elliot’s EP’s, “Listen. Edit. Record. Repeat” and “The Wake of Emotion” are available to listen on Soundcloud and via his Facebook page. They are also available to buy on iTunes.

The latest EP by Battleship Romance, “The Wake of Emotion” is available to listen to here and more information can be found on his Facebook page.