– Samantha Coombes contributed with this report

Having returned from Europe as part of their “Get Nice or Die Trying” winter tour, American punk rock band Zebrahead hit the UK once again which started at Norwich Waterfront December 1st.

“So far the tour’s been going really well. It’s kind of different for us as it’s the first time we’ve has a themed tour. We’ve had kind of a luau stage set-up and we actually have a bar on-stage so other bands will come up on stage and have drinks. It’s like a big party!” said vocalist Ali Tabatabaee.

The band have visited the UK on many tours, which Ali said was because “we love coming here. The UK fans have been great to us and we don’t want to let them down.”

The tour comes after release of their 9th album, “Get Nice!” in August which has been well received by reviewers and fans. “We’ve had pleasantly good reviews and we’re really happy with it. This album was a little different because we recorded it in our own studio so there wasn’t as much pressure as far as having to get it out at a certain time. So we worked at our own pace and I think that helps quite a bit,” said Ali.

The California-based band have also just released a new video for single ‘Blackout’ which features live performances from their shows in Paris and Lyon. However, Ali said it was ‘kind of an accident’ that it happened.

“We weren’t actually sure how the video would turn out. We had a couple of fans approach us and say they wanted to come to a show and film us play live. When they showed it to us we were really stoked on it and we decided to release it,” he explained.

“I thought they did a great job because I really like the way they show the fans having a good time and they kind of got the vibe of our live shows with the way they edited it. That’s what really makes the video for me,” Ali continued.

The videos shows the band dressed in flowery Hawaiian shirts with inflatable Luau scenery, including someone crowd surfing in an inflatable ring wearing a snorkel. Ali admitted that their crowds are usually ‘pretty rowdy and like to have a good time’ but it’s not a problem as he said their also really good at “taking care of one another. It’s party atmosphere.”

The Orange County rockers UK tour sees fellow Californian’s Army of Freshman and British band Paige supporting, who are a last minute replacement for Attack! Attack! who have pulled out the tour for family reasons.

“We’ve known the Army of Freshman guys for a long time now and we’ve actually played with Paige one time before and their an excellent band. We’re hanging out with friends on tour and playing shows so it’s been really relaxed,” said Ali.

Ali also thanked Zebraheads fans for “allowing us to have a career and we really look forward to seeing them at the live show.”

But, in case you haven’t bought a ticket yet Ali gave a good reason why you should come and see the guys who like to crowd-surf in inflatable rings; “It’s a big party and we encourage fans to come onstage and have a drink with us!”

Visit the Zebrahead website for tour dates and where to buy your tickets for a party that’s not to be missed!