Adam Ant proved to be a character when he performed at the Engine Shed on Saturday, January 21st. Sharing some rather risqué stories from his past, he was not ashamed to admit that yes, he did go mad for a period. But now he is back, and in fine form, still passing for the dandy highway man we all remember and his Jack Sparrow-esque looks still making the ladies swoon for him.

Swaggering around the stage and giving the eye to as many women as possible, it is obvious that Ant sees himself as very much still on the scene, and his fans seem to agree. It is certainly a feat to still be able to excite an audience as much as he does after 40 years in the business. After touring all last year, Ant has a few more dates in the UK before jetting off to the US for yet more touring.

Ant And The Good, The Mad And The Lovely Posse put on an entertaining and reminiscent show. He can still carry a note, and there is no doubt that he certainly still has a large following of fans, from the old and new generations respectively. All his major hits such as “Prince Charming”, “Goody Two Shoes” and “Ant Music” all had the audience jiving along like there was no tomorrow.

The lyrics of his songs are still prevalent today, and his music stands out as some of the most new wave and groundbreaking material of recent years. As a fan of a lot of 80’s music it is clear how different his sound was at the time, and by his popularity, it seems to be the case that there is a need for more performers to breathe fresh air on to the music scene. He has a new album coming out in the summer, which seems to have a slightly heavier vibe than his earlier work.

Ant is such an idol that he still has the power to make men, and women respectively, dress up as the highwayman, horizontal white stripe emblazoned across the nose and all. He is still very much a heart-throb to a lot of his followers, and to give him his due he is not in bad shape at all for his age.  A thoroughly good night proving that Ant’s “new flavour” of music is certainly still a hit today.

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