Update: Kayleigh Taylor has been elected as SU president with 71 votes, against 19 votes to re-open nominations.

Kayleigh Taylor, the vice-president for welfare at Lincoln Students’ Union, is running unopposed for president in a by-election this week.

The election comes after Ary Sharif resigned as president in November 2011. Kayleigh Taylor has since been filling that role as deputy president.

In her manifesto, Taylor says she has “a vision to modernise the rest of the SU” to clearer priorities and to pressure the university to match the “much higher expectations from students” after the rise in tuition fees.

She writes: “Lincoln prides itself on being cutting-edge, yet some of our older facilities and the lack of certain essentials are letting us down. Important student services without a single central home, teaching spaces rigid and only useful for school-style teaching. Even the radical ‘bean bag room’ is now full of heavy seminar chairs.”

No other candidates are running in the by-election, but students can also vote to re-open nominations for the role (RON).

Voting opens at 9am on Tuesday, January 10th and runs until 12pm on Friday, January 13th. For more information, visit the SU website.