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As the cold, winter nights approach, there’s nothing worse than being unable to keep warm because you can’t afford to have the heating on. Here are some ways to keep toasty, without touching the thermostat.

Layer up

Dressing for winter means one thing, layers. Wearing lots of thin layers creates insulation and will keep you warmer than one thick layer of clothing. Layers will also allow you to adjust your temperature when needed.

For those especially cold days, add scarves, hats and gloves when leaving the house, and get some extra fluffy socks to keep your feet warm at night.

Keep the drafts out

Before you worry about how to fight the cold that gets in, work on keeping it out. Cling film against windows is the perfect way to get double glazing on a budget. Cover cracks under doors using rugs or homemade draft stoppers, and keep doors closed as much as possible to withhold the heat in.

Warm yourself up inside out

Food is the key to many a person’s heart, so why not take advantage of some warming winter food? Porridge for breakfast will warm you up straight away and give you the energy you need to start the day. Soup is perfect to keep you going around lunchtime and is usually one of your five a day.

For evening meals, think shepherd’s pie, stew or chilli con carne to fill you up for the evening. In between meals, choose hot drinks like tea, coffee and hot chocolate to keep you nice and toasty.

Get moving

Doing any sort of exercise from football to jogging will leave you nicely warmed up for ages afterwards. Alternatively, if exercise really isn’t your thing try cleaning the house. Simple household tasks such as hoovering or cleaning the kitchen are sure to get your blood flowing, and you’ll be rewarded with a tidy house in return.

For that little extra warmth

Head out to the High Street and purchase a hot water bottle and the fluffiest dressing gown you can find. Stick the hot water bottle in your bed before you’re about to get in it and you will instantly feel the benefit when you clamber in. Wear your dressing gown to add that extra warm layer when wandering around the house.

And finally

As cheesy as it sounds, there is nothing like a snuggle with someone to help warm you up. Body heat is miraculous in being able to warm people up when it’s cold outside. Add blankets and cups of tea when needed.

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