A man from Lincoln is running every weekend, come rain or shine, in order to raise money.

Having seen the effects of eczema on his partner, web developer Shane Nicholl is decided to increase awareness of the National Eczema Society.


Nicholl, 23, said that his inspiration for running came from his brother: “He was about 18 when he ran the London Marathon and, at the time, I was about 16 and a half stone so I was looking to lose weight and to start getting fit.

“When he was out training, I used to go for runs with him and then, more and more, I started to enjoy it so I picked it up as a hobby.”

Rather than running a single race, Nicholl is running 1,000km throughout the whole of 2013, including big races such as the London Marathon, the Yorkshire Marathon and the Lincoln 10k. He explained: “The more I got into running, the more I wanted to do some big event to challenge myself, to push myself further.

“Then it became an issue with needing to raise awareness of the charity, so I decided to do something big to draw attention to it.

Nicholl originally set himself a target to raise £6,000, though he believes the total could go higher thanks to the support he has had: “Quite a lot of people seem to be taken aback by how much I’m doing. We’re just out of February and I’ve nearly raised £1,000. I never really hoped to reach £1,000 by now so it could push on.”

Further details, including how to donate, are available on Nicholl’s website. His partner’s blog about eczema can be found on the “I Have Eczema” website.