Updated plans for the University of Lincoln’s Phase Two redevelopment have been released.

The plans are as part of continuing work to improve the buildings at the institution. Recently work started in the Main Admin Building with the redevelopment of three seminar rooms, MB1012, MB1019 and MB1020, which have also introduced aroma diffusion systems.

Also known as the Atrium, the plans for Phase Two of the redevelopment have been created by the university’s core architects and the Atrium Project Steering Group.

The university’s Environmental and Sustainability Manager Dan Clayton said: “The work on the Atrium Phase 2 is expected to start in late June/early July and will be completed for September.”

However, the university are unable to disclose the projected cost of these developments. Clayton added: “[The University of Lincoln] are still in commercial negotiations so we are currently unable to give a final figure for the work as yet.”

The designs for Phase Two include:

  • Revolving doors in each lobby, alongside automatic doors with push pads for wheelchair users and fire escape doors.
  • Relocation of the stairwells to “make it easier for students and staff to circulate between the Atrium and other spaces”.
  • Additional power slots for laptop and tablet users.
  • Two new “learning lounges” on the first floor of the building.

Clayton said: “We are always trying to improve facilities around the university for students and staff – this is supported by the university’s strategic plan.

“The first objective in the plan is to continuously improve our learning environment based on a personal engagement with all students, with high-quality research-engaged teaching and learning where students create and develop new knowledge in collaboration with their lecturers.”

Full details of the plans are available on the Learning Landscapes blog.