A petition to transfer the Tower Bar ownership to the Students’ Union has been gathering support since it went live on Tuesday, March 19th, 2013.

The petition, started by University of Lincoln first year student Phil Preece, read: “I feel that if the Tower Bar was to be put in the hands of the Students’ Union on behalf of the students, as we do provide the funding through our tuition, this could provide a place for students to meet, socialise and enjoy.”

The Tower Bar and Engine Shed’s manager Victoria Simpson responded to the petition, saying: “The petition is interesting to me as it raises a few questions in my mind. One being the perceived differences between the University of Lincoln running a bar versus the Students’ Union running a bar.

“Are we informing students enough that the Tower Bar is a university facility and that it operates on a break even basis, with all the profits that the venue makes are re-integrated back into the university and any deficits are covered by the university?”

She continued: “From a business point of view and the point of view of someone who is a graduate of the University of Lincoln, I think it is important that if we are not getting our message across, then we need to see how we can change our strategy of marketing that.

“The person who created the petition has been invited to come in to have a chat about the Tower Bars if he wants to.”

The Tower Bar and Engine Shed’s box office manager James Hammond added: “Everything we buy is still through NUS Services, so it’s the same purchasing price as other student unions.”

The University of Lincoln Students’ Union previously ran a bar called the Delph Bar, which was located on the ground floor of where the Sports and Exercise Centre currently is.

The Tower Bar and Engine Shed both opened in 2006; with the latter being the largest live music and entertainment facility in Lincoln. Many students’ union bars at other universities across the UK only allow students into the establishments, however the Tower Bar doesn’t, something Preece would like to change.

Simpson responded: “I think what is important is that we identify is that the Engine Shed is different to other student bars around other universities. We have continued to provide a service to the students of Lincoln.

“However, I think it’s very naive to think a facility such as this should only be open to students. The university is providing a service economically for the entire city, not just the students.”

When asked, Preece declined to comment on the subject. The petition can be viewed on the Change website.

One thought on “Tower Bar petition hopes to transfer ownership”
  1. I think Victoria’s comments pretty much answer this query. When I was in the SU, I was quite surprised at how much the Engine Shed and Tower Bars worked with them, sharing office space etc. There wasn’t any profit being made, and on some occasions I am quite sure the university has kept the place afloat when losses were made.

    It is a student bar – don’t the discounts on food and reduced price drinks mean anything to some students?

    I do however accept that the branding probably should be a bit better so people see it as such.

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