Based in the East Midlands, The Freefall are regular performers on the Lincoln music scene.

Consisting of Ant Macandrew (guitar/lead vocals), Scott Ballard (guitar/vocals) and Andy Cox (bass/vocals), the indie/rock group spoke to The Linc about playing the city.

TheFreefallThe Freefall have been going for the past two years. Macandrew explained where the band name came from: “It was actually quite random. We just wanted something that sounded good.”

Ballard explained how the band came to play in Lincoln: “Me and Ant both went to Lincoln College and studied music, so we were kind of born into the music scene around here and it’s just good. It’s a great city. We love it.”

Macandrew added: “You can always go to a gig and see somebody that you know or you get your friends and family coming down because we’re local as well. So just the general support of the musicians round here is good.”

The trio have performed at a range of venues in Lincoln, though many of them have closed down. Ballard said: “We used to love the Travellers’ Rest and then there used to be The Bivouac (at The Duke) and that’s all deceased. Rest in peace. It’s a bit of a shame that those places have gone. They were my favourites.

However, Macandrew praised the Engine Shed for their newly-opened stage, The Platform: “It’s good now that the Engine Shed are starting to let unsigned bands play. We played there a couple of weeks ago and that was really good.

“It’s like an upstairs room but they’ve done a good job with it and it sounds really good in there.”

Despite being regular players on the music scene in Lincoln, Macandrew believe it could be improved: “The sad thing is is that you’ll go to Newark, which is not as big as Lincoln anyway, and there’s much more of a music scene. In Lincoln, I feel like it’s gone down a little bit.

“It’d be nice if there were some more promoters out there who have love for music, that want to help musicians out and get people in there.”

Ballard believes that the lack of venues for full bands is a major problem in the city: “It feels like in Lincoln at the minute, everybody’s really pushing acoustic acts which is great.

“You’ve got venues like The Jolly Brewer, Kind and The Strait and Narrow all pushing acoustic, but there’s not much for full bands now with The Duke shutting down.”

Further details about The Freefall, including their upcoming dates, are available on their website.

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