Written by Brigid Farrell.

With the leaves crisping under foot and the days getting colder, it’s hard to deny that autumn is well under way and of course make up trends adjust along with the weather.  Pretty pinks and corals have been replaced by rich berry and wine-toned stained lips, eyes are making a statement and the sixties are in full swing all over again.


Stained lips

Autumn typically brings more berry, wine and plum coloured lips. This is a trend that is sticking around for 2013; however, more attention is being paid to staining the lips. A number of products can be bought which give a lovely stained effect, however a great tip is to dab on the lip colour with your finger and blot with a tissue.

When doing this it is important to keep the lips hydrated from the autumn winds so use a luxurious lip balm before applying the colour.  Georgio Armani do a beautiful berry shade (201) perfect for this trend but for a more affordable option the Kate Moss matte lipstick in shade 107 which is an almost identical match.  For a super polished look try matching berry lips with jewel toned nails.

Statement eyes

This is the time to really experiment with statement metallic eyes. Pack a punch and create smoky eyes with burgundy reds, purples and blacks to replicate the look seen on models at Gucci and Marc Jacobs.  Of course bold brows are still going strong – use a matte eye shadow close to your natural colour to help your eyebrows stand out.

Swinging sixties

The sixties is a look which is still going strong fifty years later. The feline flick with thick voluminous lashes is quintessential to this trend. Also, individual lashes can give the illusion of full lashes without looking over the top.  With this look the eyes are the focal point so opt for barely-there nude lips and use a brightening bronzer to lift and illuminate the skin as it can often look a little dull in the colder weather.  Cream blush is great for this look as it adds a lovely hint of colour to the cheeks.