As most students will realise, university is not quite as time-consuming as sixth form or school. This means it is the perfect opportunity to go travelling. With many months off during the summer and a new friendship group, globe-trotting seems the perfect remedy to stave off boredom setting in outside of term. Lana Elway reports.

Photo: Bruce Stokes
Photo: Bruce Stokes

There are many opportunities when it comes to travelling during or after university, but most will bear in mind the impact it can have on your CV. Overseas work placements or post graduation schemes are popular as not only can you gain personal life experience,  but make an impact on your chances of getting a job.

The Institute for Volunteering Research found that 87 per cent of employers think that volunteering can have a generally positive effect on career progression for people aged 16-25.  Relevant volunteering is essential, and there are options to make your experience course-related. Teaching graduates can work in Nepal through Global Vision International (GVI) starting at a cost of £2650 for 5 months.

Alternatively, Pro World Volunteers offer a journalism internship at a Thai newspaper will cost upwards of £1712 for a month. Real Gap Experience offer the choice of embarking on paid or unpaid internships, both abroad and in the UK.

Of course, graduate schemes are not the be all and end all for those with a passion for travel. The whole point of going further a field is to experience different cultures and see the world, so what better opportunity than Interrailing. Whether you buy a One Country or Global Pass, you can tailor the route to make the most of your month away. A Global Pass for those up to 25 years old start at £149 and dependant on the pass you buy, you can travel every day for the entire month. This includes free or discounted ferry travel, so you can really mix things up. The choice of 30 different European countries means Interrailing is a cost effective way to squeeze 30 holidays into one!

Whilst at the time, travelling the world may seem like the best way to spend your entire student loan; it is hard to ignore the fact that it can become very pricey, very fast. For the free spirited ones amongst us, hitchhiking seems the perfect solution to money problems. Not quite as last-minute as it used to be, there are websites dedicated to matching those searching a lift and those offering them (

Then there is WWOOF, the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Not keen on getting your hands dirty? It might be worth it, as in exchange for a day’s labour, you get accommodation and food. And with over 60 countries involved in this scheme, the world really is your oyster.

Henry Judge, a 24 year old electrician, worked on a dairy farm in Victoria, Australia for 4 months. “The time I had whilst working on the farm was great and wasn’t nerve racking at all as the farmers had already had workers before.

“I was fortunate enough to find work that provided food, accommodation and a wage which made it very worthwhile. I would strongly recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new and slightly out of their comfort zone.”

There seems to be as many opportunities available as there are places to visit, so picking the right one to suit you is essential. Do the research before hand, including day to day budget and extra costs such as visas and immunisations. Planning is vital but the main thing to bear in mind is that your trip is to explore and see the world, so the main thing is to have fun!