Written by Lauren Farmer.

Concealer can be a miracle worker in disguising the dark circles under your eyes by giving you a bright eyed look to fool anyone into thinking that you’ve had eight hours sleep. 

Making the choice between saving and splurging can be difficult as you don’t want to waste your money or compromise on quality.

Below is a comparison of ‘Erase Paste’ from premium brand Benefit which retails at £19.50 and Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer which retails at £7.99.

Packaging and Design

The pretty Erase Paste packaging lives up to its premium brand status and comes with a little pink pot, a small spatula and an Erase Paste ‘lesson’. Although the pot looks small, its thick consistency means that you only need to use a tiny amount, depending on how much coverage you require. The positive of the product being stored in the pot is that you can control how much you want to use, and if you do accidently use too much, it is simple to put it back into the pot.

This is where the Benefit product triumphs over the Bourjois concealer; although the Bourjois concealer comes in an easy to use and compact tube, it is more difficult to control how much you want to use. This can result in wasted product as you can’t put it back in the tube like can with the Benefit product.


If you’re looking for a quick, easy to use product than the Bourjois concealer wins out. All you need to do is squeeze how much you want out onto your forefinger and dot under the eye area until blended in. The creamy consistency makes this concealer perfect for normal to dry skin as it won’t appear cakey on your skin.

However, if you want a concealer with a better coverage and don’t mind spending a little extra time applying it then the Benefit one would be more suitable. Use the spatula provided to scoop out how much you want and place the paste on the back of your hand. This prevents germs spreading in the concealer pot. Then, delicately blend the paste under your eye until you reach your desired coverage. Due to the thick consistency of this, you won’t need to use much which makes the pot last for months.


The Healthy Mix concealer aims to achieve a radiant and anti-fatigue look. It does accomplish this, however as you would need to use more than the Benefit concealer, the tube doesn’t last as long. But if you’re trying to save the pennies but need a concealer that will illuminate your under eyes then this is a good alternative.

On the splurge end of the scale, the Erase Paste promises a ‘brightening camouflage for eyes and face’. It not only lives up to this promise but it also lasts throughout the whole day. It is ideal for anyone who is prone to dark circles and wants a concealer that doesn’t just slip off within a couple of hours. The quality and the length that one pot lasts compensates for the steep price and is a wise splurge.