Despite not being in the ATP World Tour finals this week, it’s still been quite a year for Andy Murray. 

andy murray

He added the Wimbledon trophy to double his grand slam tally, but despite that he said this week he has been playing in pain for 18 months.

In that time, he won the US Open and of course Wimbledon which begs the questions, “If  he’s been playing in pain for 18 months, now he is supposedly fit, how many majors can he win?”

Paul Battison – The Linc News Editor

The sky is the limit for Murray. Providing he can keep fully fit he could go on to win 7-8 majors.

The great Federer is a shadow of his former self due to age and the way Nadal plays, plus his injury problems, means there’s every chance his career could be cut short. That leaves only Djokovic as Murray’s top, top long-lasting rival and he’s shown a few times before he can beat him. Unless Del Potro etc make that extra step up, Murray should be at the top for quite a few years yet.

Liam Ray 

I think we need to take that comment with a pinch of salt. His two major wins have come against an imperious Novak Djokovic and most players would have to be fully fit to defeat him.

But saying that, I do believe Murray has the potential to win at least 6 more grand slams. With the once invincible “big 4” in men’s tennis starting to break apart, it’s a perfect opportunity for Murray to get fully fit and aim for more majors.

Adam Allcroft

Andy Murray certainly has the potential to be the best in the world. The way he has completely bossed Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer on his unfavoured courts, remember he’s a hard court specialist, certainly proves that.

If he has been doing that while unfit, it shows he could be something even more special. He’s got over his mental problem thanks to Ivan Lendl, and now he is fully fit he will be World number one by the end of 2014.

Edward Seaman

I think deep down it depends on the longevity of the others around him. Federer seems to be reaching the end of his career but if Nadal and Djokovic continue to play at the ability they can then it will never be easy for Murray to win grand slams.

In saying this he has the ability, as shown with his US Open and Wimbledon wins, to beat anyone on his day and if he can keep fit and play his best tennis, he will always be in contention and will more than likely pick up more titles in the near future.

Jonathan Hart 

What Andy Murray has achieved is absolutely sensational, and any monkeys are now well and truly off his back. However is the fact he has played for the last 18 months in pain suprising? Not for me. It comes with the territory and i’m sure many of the top 10 would have a similar story.

I don’t necessarily think that Murray having the surgery on his back will make him a better player but will prolong his career at the top. Murray’s major titles have come when Nadals been injured or not fully fit. Whereas before Nadals long injury lay off it tended to be the spaniard who thwarted the scot and the semi final stages of slams. So it will be interesting to see how the two compare in future slams.

I believe Murray is capable of 4-5 more major victories and perhaps all on grass. With Murray having won the Wimbledon 2013 title, Olympic gold, the last two Queens club titles and reached the Wimbledon final in 2012 he is the undisputed new king of the green stuff.

Max Mclean – The Linc Deputy Sport Editor

It can be misleading to suggest he could now play 10% better as adrenaline, heat of the moment and opponent form are all far too difficult to quantify. Also consider Nadal’s return to form, and it’s tough to suggest that he should ‘expect’ to win any more majors, especially the French Open.

Removing the French Open from the equation and assuming he has maybe three to four seasons left before age starts to take its toll, that’s nine to twelve slams he’ll be contesting with two other players in their prime (Nadal/Djokovic). As a fan I’d hope he would have the ability to win maybe three more then. Five is an achievable target.

Hannah Parker

It won’t be easy for Murray to win many more grand slams because, although Federer is evidently losing his grip at the top of the game, Nadal is playing the best tennis of his career and Djokovic is as consistent as ever, so for Murray to make his mark on the majors next season will prove incredibly difficult.

However, now he has proved he is capable of winning grand slams, beating Djokovic in both finals, I would be surprised if he doesn’t win at least three more in his career.

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  1. I definitely think Andy could be number 1 in the world, but only if he improves his results on clay, and he’s proved in the past that he can play well on it (absolutely blitzed two tough opponents during Davis Cup playoffs), but I reckon he’ll need to at least reach a masters 1000 final during April or May! I reckon he’ll defend his Wimbledon title next year, he looks like the hottest grass player in the world at the moment, and if he plays the Aussie Open I reckon he could win it. I don’t think he’ll get to number one until deep into the 2014 season (unless he has a Rafa-esque season), but it’s definitely doable. I agree with Paul above, Nadal’s fitness is always a bit of a question mark, yes he’s lasted for the majority of this season, but who’s to say that he’ll stay in top form next year!

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