Written by Angeline McCall.

Winged visitors were welcomed on the University of Lincoln’s campus on Tuesday December 3 to raise awareness about extinction.One of the birds on show at the falconry display. Photo: Angeline McCallThe University of Lincoln Islamic Society held a falconry display outside the Students’ Union. The display intended to increase understanding about the protection of birds while showcasing the animals from SP Falconry, an organisation based from Boston.

Fair distribution of the Earth’s resources is an instruction within the Qur’an, according to the society’s communications officer, Jammil Ahmed. He said:

“The society had already prepared a series of online lectures about the conservation of the environment. It seemed logical to extend the discussion towards animals.”

The birds showcased posed alongside students and staff for photos. However, the hope was that the students wouldn’t just walk away with a memento in hand; it was to raise awareness and educate the student body of the extinction these birds of prey face in the UK.

“What I am trying to do here is educate some of these students. Some of these birds are not going to be in existence in a short time. If we don’t take care of them, nobody else will,” said SP Falconry Manager Shane Pearson.

The birds are a natural part of wildlife, and they should remain that way, according to Shane. The issue at hand is quite serious, and if neglected, could pose serious detriments to the wildlife in the UK.