Written by Dan Featherstone.

With all that Christmas shopping you still need to buy, you simply can’t always afford to breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Well, fear not. Revitalise that wardrobe by bleaching your old t-shirts to create a pretty relaxed and cool look for roaming around campus. It’s incredibly cheap and fun to do.

What you will need:

  • T-shirt
  • Gloves
  • Thick Bleach
  • An empty spray bottle

1)      Spray your t-shirt down with cold water. This will help make the t-shirt have a more even finish and combat the concentration of the bleach.

2)      Next you’ll need to dilute the bleach. Make sure you wear gloves and do it in a place where an accidental spill of bleach won’t stain the surface. In a shower or bathtub is the most ideal place. Now, dilute one part bleach to three parts water.

3) You’ll then need to liberally spray your t-shirt, spraying the mixture into the areas you want to see a colour change, not forgetting the back of the item also.


4 )You’ll  begin to see fades of orange colour intensifying on the t-shirt, with the spray bottle providing a nice bubble effect.

For a more dramatic style, flick bleach across the shirt, making sure to watch out for any skin contact with the bleach. Bleach is very dangerous and if it gets in the eyes, seek medical attention urgently.

5) You’ll need to then put your shirt into a cold wash, to get rid of any bleach, and then leave it to dry out completely.

6) Once that’s completed you can then customise the shirt even more. Cutting holes and adjusting the neckline gives it an edgier look.

7) That’s it! You’ve completed your t-shirt. You’re ready to rock it around campus.

8) Why stop there? Try bleaching an unwanted t-shirt or a jumper in this cold winter season. It’s extremely cheap and rather enjoyable to make.