Lincoln’s first community radio station, Siren FM, has been named East Midlands station of the year.

Siren FM is based in the University of Lincoln’s MHT building and has been broadcasting for over six years.

The award was given by The Radio Academy, who describe Siren FM as displaying “a great range of voices and topics on air as well as a great mix of youth, heritage, diversity and local history”.

Andrew David, Siren FM’s station manager, said: “I think this probably means the most to me out of everything since 1972 when I began broadcasting.”

“The fact that this was done by people who are not paid to do it – i.e. the quality of output was matched to be as good as small scale commercial radio which are staffed by professionals who are paid – that meant to me absolutely everything.

“By accident, the stuff I put forward to the team to include in the half hour we sent didn’t get included so the win wasn’t a result of having an old professional broadcaster involved, it was all volunteers and that to me means this is even more significant than you can imagine.”