Just because temperatures are low right now, doesn’t mean that hemlines can’t be high. With daylight being shorter and the ever-present threat of snow or severe weather, it’s tempting to layer up head-to-toe to stay toasty, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Many have drawers full of skirts, short dresses and shorts that are banished away until the warmer months, but why not expand your outfit options by warming up your look with tights?

The most suitable tights to pop on this winter are anything with a high denier or something that is woollen. On the coldest of days, you can still rock a pair of hot pants or denim shorts as long as you’ve stocked up on a pair of tights to prepare.

On the high street and online, you can find tights decorated with pretty much any pattern you can think of. For example, animal-print tights can add personality to any outfit, or channel this season’s tartan trend on your legs.

Why not add a pop of something bright to an otherwise muted outfit? Stand out amongst Lincoln’s masses of students during this grey month with your pins adorned in primary colours, or even block white tights can make a Sixties statement when worn with black.

Stockings/ hold ups
Deemed as  a bit risqué by some and not the warmest of items,  a pair of stockings can still help to take the edge off chilly weather and cause you to be that little bit comfier whilst out and about this season.

Knee-high socks
Though you may not have worn a pair like these since your school days, knee-highs look great when worn with a skater skirt for example. Also, these longer socks can keep the warmth in when wearing boots. Now there’s no excuse to say you have nothing to wear!