2013 has been a big year for cinema in the UK. Comic fans went crazy over Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, childhoods got relived through Monsters University, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire received rave reviews, with some people saying it was even better than the first – and that’s not even the full top ten.

These are the top ten grossing films that were released this year, and how much they made at the box office.

1 Despicable Me 2 $72,240,060

The Minions return! The cute little yellow things worked their charm and managed to hit the top spot for box office gross 2013. A well deserved win.


2 Les Miserables $63,201,221

Impressively, Les Mis was actually released in 2012. It had almost a whole month in cinemas before it’s gross counted towards this chart. If it had been released in January it almost definitely would have topped this year’s box office gross sales.

3 Iron Man 3 $57,074,453

Iron Man 3 was an emotional roller-coaster for fans of the series for reasons I can’t bear to spoil if you haven’t seen it. The film got bonus points from me for starting with the Eiffel 65 classic Blue.


4 Monsters University $47,166,338

Many a student regressed in the cinema this year as we got to see a younger Mike and Sully.

5 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire $46,980,931

It seems this series is gaining a cult following. Critics called it even better than the first one, the stakes have been set high for the final episode in this trilogy.


6 Man of Steel $46,198,857

Man of Steel saw yet another re-imagining of Superman. Comic book films have been dominating the cinema for the last few years, but the big question is: was this one loved enough to create a film series?

7 The Croods $43,146,580

The final children’s film to slip into the top ten grossing films this year, The Croods saw a lovable Caveman family explore the world. With Nicolas Cage in it, The Croods was always going to do well.

8 Gravity $41,659,380

Only released in Early November, Gravity has done exceedingly well to grab a top ten spot. Another title where a extra few months in this year could had given it the top spot.


9 Star Trek Into Darkness $39,356,029

Sequel to the 2009 Star Trek film, Into Darkness exploded with sci-fi fans flooding to see it. Benedict Cumberbatch played Khan, one of the seemingly millions of roles he played this year, he’s been a busy boy.

10 Fast & Furious 6 $38,277,406

The Fast & Furious series’ full throttle action has never been criticised for having an overly intricate plot, but fast cars and explosions is always going to do well in the box office. Sadly, Paul Walker, one of the film’s stars died in November of this year.

That’s it for 2013’s top ten films at the box office. Here’s the rest of the top twenty.

11 Wreck-It Ralph $36,182,022
12 Philomena $31,932,715
13 Thor: The Dark World $31,596,239
14 The Hangover Part III $29,519,798
15 Captain Phillips $25,446,801
16 Django Unchained $24,893,462
17 The Great Gatsby $23,925,733
18 Oz The Great and Powerful $23,391,077
19 World War Z $22,009,608
20 The Wolverine $21,087,118