A new independent study has revealed that Lincoln is home to the country’s biggest Lego addicts. The study has came in light of the new Lego Movie, which is set to hit British cinemas this week.Lincoln is home to the country's biggest Lego-heads. Photo: Chris Isherwood (via Flickr)The research analysed over 75,000 shoppers searching online for Lego sets in the last 12 months, and was conducted by independent shopping price comparison engine, PriceSpy.co.uk.

It revealed the top ten cities which bought the most Lego sets in proportion to their population size. Lincoln came top of the study, above cities such as Norwich and Manchester.

Erik Lorentz, Head of Communications at PriceSpy.co.uk, said: “With the movie coming out this weekend, Lego mania is sweeping the nation. We can’t get enough of this iconic toy and wanted to pinpoint those areas of the UK which can’t live without their favourite Lego set.”

Lego City was found to be the nation’s favourite Lego theme, beating off competition such as Lego Star Wars and Lego Lord of the Rings.

The most popular Lego set across the UK was the Lego City Police Station.

Jonathan Doyle, 31, got his first Lego set when he was five years old. He said:

“What makes Lego great is that you can create anything you can imagine. Throw in the Lego video games and it’s sheer joy.”

“Lego’s special to me. It is an adored early toy that fostered imagination more than anything else.”

Steven Goodwin, 40, another Lego enthusiast said: “It’s a truly creative toy with more fields of play than its original inventors ever considered.”