Angel and Faith are back.

When the Angel & Faith series was released there was those who thought it was going to fall flat and be weak in comparison to the Buffy comics, they couldn’t be more wrong with some issues of Angel & Faith actually being more thrilling than the Buffy counterpart.

The first issue sets the scene where Faith has regrouped with the Slayers and Angel is *Season 8 and 9 spoilers in the rest of this paragraph, skip ahead a par if you plan on catching up* dealing with the issues that are arising now he’s brought Magic back to Magic town after defeating Season 9’s big bad.

Whilst it’s nice to see the brooding vamp and bad girl Slayer back in pulp, it’s a little concerning that nothing really seems to be teed up apart from a little spell trouble and Faith meeting back up with the Slayers.

Check out the preview below – caution though, there are Season 8 and 9 spoilers in there.

Preview from: Dark Horse Comics