Despite, England’s failure to qualify, you can still enjoy the Brazilian, World Cup fever!

Photo by Penebar on Pixabay. CC BY 2.0
Photo by Penebar on Pixabay. CC BY 2.0

Whether you’re a die-hard England fan, or just happen to catch the football when switching channels on your television, there’s no need to let England’s setback sour your World Cup experience!

Instead, celebrate with these World Cup cocktail recipes, which are bound to sweeten  your life. From Brazilian favorites, to the exotic flavours of countries taking part within this tournament, there’s bound to be one to suit everyone’s tastes!

  1. Caipirinha – Brazil

    This is considered Brazil’s national cocktail with its popularity. With its refreshing lime-dominated flavour, it’s no wonder why Brazilians love it!

    To make this invigorating beverage, simply grind some finely sliced lime slices into “mulch”. Add this into a small glass (one which you would put a jagerbomb in)Into your glass, then pour in 25ml of brown or white sugar (whichever is your preference), before measuring 50ml of Cachaca into your little tumbler. Cachaca is a Brazilian favourite, being a distinctive rum which will give this cocktail that exotic edge!

    Now just top up with some ice and garnish with slices of lime!

  2. The American Cream – the USA

    Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pixabay. CC BY 2.0
    Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pixabay. CC BY 2.0

    This drink is a nice sweet, take on the usually bitter taste of a lager with flavours including lemon, plus cream soda. Think of it as a beer with a twist!

    If possible, grab a cocktail shaker so you can get all those exciting ingredients mixed up. Measure out 25ml of Bourbon, along with a small quantity of 15ml of lemon juice to give it a tangy taste which will stimulate the senses. To liven it up a little, add in 15ml of Cream Soda liquer and shake together.

    Once shaken, pour the mixture into your preferred glass and top up 2/3’s of it with a lager of your choice, placing a few chunks of ice within it. And there you go! Finished! A cocktail that looks like a beer!

  3. Brazilian Sangria – A Brazilian makeover of a popular Spanish cocktail

    This is a cocktail which is ideally made in wine glass because it gives a lovely finish. As explained, this is a Brazilian customized version of this Spanish beverage, which sees plenty of fruit chucked into a pitcher to give it a distinctive fruity zest, with lots of red wine.

    To create Brazilian Sangria, you firstly need to slice a selection of fruits ranging from orange, lime, mint, lemon or any other fruits you wish to add to your concoction.

    The next step is to create a mulch with some of the slices (you need to save a few for later), which can be added to your cocktail to flavour it.Then, add 25ml of absinthe, 25ml of Cachacha (which is the Brazilian twist), and a further 25ml of orange liquer mix together and top up with red wine! But be careful! This is a very strong cocktail, so drink sensibly.

  4. Raspberryoska – Russia
    Photo by SBC9 on Flickr
    Photo by SBC9 on Flickr

    Of course, for any Russian cocktail, vodka is used at some point! So again, this is another potent mix, but spiced up with raspberry to make it that little bit more pleasurable to drink.

    For this raspberry flavored concoction, you will first need to make sure you have 25ml of raspberry juice which you can either buy or make yourself from squeezing fresh juice from some ripe raspberries. Alternatively, you could substitute raspberry juice to any other fruit juice to mix things up a bit!

    Next, add a large 50ml dose of vodka, along with 15ml of lime juice to give a little bit of a tang, and finish off with some fresh mint and raspberry garnish!