National Rail sign outside Lincoln station

It looks like good news might not be too far down the line for students who have to travel cross-country to reach Lincoln.

Despite no confirmation from central government as yet, local politicians appear to be optimistic that details of investment in the Castle Line – which runs from Lincoln to Nottingham via Newark, where it connects to the East Coast Main Line – will be released very soon.

National Rail sign outside Lincoln station
Good news is expected soon for rail passengers at Lincoln station (Photo: Gregor Smith)

MP for Lincoln, Karl McCartney, told The Lincolnite: “Whilst at this point in time I have not had definitive confirmation of any definite improvements to the Castle service between Lincoln and Nottingham via Newark […] there is a very strong possibility that positive news might be announced imminently.”

This investment is suspected to shorten the length and increase the frequency of journeys along the line, which many travellers use to connect London and the South, as well as northern hubs such as Newcastle, York, and Leeds. It is believed that rail users could see benefits as quickly as next summer.

The news comes less than a month after Labour’s parliamentary candidate for the Lincoln constituency, Lucy Rigby, declared in her column that “the Government need to act now to come good on their hurried election commitments and provide the much-needed (and long-talked about) investment in Lincoln-Nottingham rail”.