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Students studying in Lincoln now have another place to access advice, information, and support agencies from across Lincolnshire from a new service called Lincs2Advice.

The free, impartial, and confidential service, available online or over the phone, aims to help students and the public find the best placed advice provider quickly and easily for a diverse range of issues, from health and care through to money and work.

Lincs2Advice logo
Both volunteers and paid staff will run the local advice service, provided by the Lincolnshire Advice Network, which was launched in April 2014

Louise Thompson of Lincolnshire Advice Network, the not-for-profit organisation behind the project, said: “Of particular relevance to students may be areas including sexual health, debt and budgeting, housing issues, volunteering, drugs and alcohol support, and mental health and counselling.

“For students who are living away from home, trying to access the right advice and support they need quickly and easily in an area which is not familiar to them is likely to be very difficult and time consuming,” she continued. “By ringing one number or using our simple website, they can access over 250 local advice, information and support providers to find out where they need to go as easily as possible.”

These 250+ information providers come from across Lincolnshire, and include the Citizens Advice Bureau, Age UK, and the Lincolnshire Credit Union. By sharing their information with Lincs2Advice, these organisations will be able to assist students using one advice service rather than sending them to multiple bodies.

“Most of the staff that work within our project, including our volunteers, have been to university, so we understand the issues that students are facing,” Ms Thompson added. “There is a lot of support and help available in Lincolnshire, particularly in the Lincoln area, and it’s just a case of finding it.”

To access the service, you can call the Lincs2Advice team of specially trained coordinators on 0300 303 8789 or visit the website at