Written by Caitlin Lyth.

It is hard to deny that once the thought of Christmas has burrowed its way into your head, that it is hard to stay calm about the festive season. It even makes the cold seem bearable (sometimes).



Taking part in festive activities throughout December is not only encouraged, it is expected. So, here is a list of 10 potential things for you to throw yourself into this festive season to really make the most of Christmas this year:

  1. Make a gingerbread house. 

    Don’t worry if you feel like you are inept at baking, sets that include ingredients and instructions are cheap and available pretty much anywhere. Not only does gingerbread smell amazing when it is cooking, decorating that little biscuit roof with icing snow makes you feel like a child again. If Christmas had a taste, it would be warm gingerbread.

  2. Decorate a tree. 

    Obvious, really. Decorating a tree with your family is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, especially when you flick the switch and the fairy lights come on. Whether you have a specific color scheme that has been planned months in advance by your parents, or if it is a mad dash for the best baubles and tinsel, throwing yourself into it is genuine fun. But beware of annoying pet cats that climb into the tree and refuse to come out until it goes down in January.Christmas tree outside the cathedral. Photo: Rachel Sloper

  3. Watch a Christmas film. 

    Preferably something you watched annually when you were younger. Snuggle up on the sofa, with a thick blanket and a cup of hot chocolate (whipped cream and marshmallows strongly encouraged) and press play on that old film from the 90’s/00’s that you haven’t seen in years. For some, it might be The Grinch, others it is The Holiday, but as long as it makes you feel warm and happy inside then that is all that matters.

  4. Warm clothing. 

    Jumpers, cardigans, socks or even one of those Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal  jumpers that were so popular last year. They are warm, so comfy and clothing stores stock some really cute ones around this time of year. Christmas themed winter clothing can also be one of the cutest items in your closet, what with the snowflakes and the polar bears and whatnot. Seeing the family wearing Christmas clothing (apart from being embarrassing if it is your Dad rocking one of the aforementioned Filthy Animal jumpers) most definitely gets you thinking of Christmas.

  5. Christmas food. Eat it. 

    Although gingerbread is of undeniable importance, it can be eaten any time of year if you pop down to your local bakery. Certain foods, such as mince pies and yule logs, are only allowed to be eaten during the festive season. It is not the law, but the social shame of it is terrifying enough. Not only that, but the prospect of a proper Christmas dinner with all the trimmings should be enough to get anyone excited for Christmas.

  6. Christmas Cards.

    Whether you are sending them or receiving them Christmas cards go hand in hand with the festive spirit. It is always nice to know that family are thinking of you during the festive season. If it is your first December away from home, why not buy and send your own Christmas cards?
  7. Go ice – skating. 

    You will find an ice – rink in most cities. So why not grab a couple of friends and chase away the darkness by spending the evening skating around. If you manage to stay on your feet the whole time, or even spend the majority of the night clinging to the side – ice skating promises tons of fun.

  8. Watch the Christmas Lights. 

    From the beginning of December, Christmas lights across the UK get turned on in the big towns and cities. There was a huge turnout in Lincoln town centre this past Thursday, and really, what better way is there for you to feel that Christmas is really on the way than to see the bright lights begin to shine as night sets in.

  9. Lincoln High Street, full for the Christmas lights turn-on. Photo: Alice EagleLate night Christmas shopping.

    Some people love it and others hate it. But you definitely know its Christmas when you can barely worm your way through the crowds in town in the days leading up to Christmas Eve. If you can get all your gifts bought by mid – December, then well done. You are clearly one of the fortunate, organised ones. But whatever it is you buy, it is always nice to see the look on someone’s face when they unwrap a present you bought them.Christmas can be an expensive time for people, especially students. Photo: Alice Harold (via Flickr)
  10. Lincoln Christmas Market! 

    You knew it would appear. It is known around the country as one of the most festive things you can possibly do this season. So take the trek up Steep Hill, and soak in the wintry atmosphere knowing that everyone there is as excited to be there as you. Just remember to pick a budget and stick to it; it is all too easy to go into your overdraft because of events like this.