Written by Rebecca Marrow.


Walking up Steep Hill can feel like climbing Mount Everest at the best of times, but combined with the bitter January cold it is even worse. As somebody who is not much of a fan of walking or winter weather but more interested in being warm and well-fed, Bunty’s Tea Room is a little miracle.

Situated just before the top of Steep Hill, the cafe is filled with old English furniture and ornaments. The staff are lovely and the peanut butter chocolate cake is to die for.

It is perfect for those who want to get away from the regular student atmosphere that surrounds the university. They have a cheap ‘Tea for Two’ offer and easily shareable slices of cake that mean you can experience something different while still paying student prices, and it has a cosy ‘home-made’ feel to it that means you will never want to leave.

January is always the time of year that people decide to be healthy and cut down on unhealthy food, but you have probably burnt off the calories equivalent to a slice of cake by simply walking up there. So if you find yourself up Steep Hill in need of some serious thirst-aid, Bunty’s Tea Room should be your top choice!