Written by Kelly Pyart

Sitting in an immaculate front room, it would seem like any normal interview. However, there is no mistaking the very fine needle stuck into my interviewee’s hand.

Photo: Acid Pix, Flickr
Photo: Acid Pix, Flickr

Paige White, is not unused to the sight of squeamish faces like mine after spending the last eleven years helping people with both simple and complex symptoms, illnesses and stresses as an Acupuncturist.

Gently manipulating the inch-long needle in her hand she demonstrates to me that there is actually very little pain to be had from what you would think is a painful process.

She said: “They’re usually more painful in the hands and feet than in the trunk and legs and place like that. Generally though, people are surprised by how painless they are as it’s not as tricky having your blood taken.”

Here at the White Clinic, on West Parade, she aims to solve patients’ problems by applying very thin needles into specific points along the “Meridian Lines” in a person’s body.”

Paige explains why: “This follows traditional Chinese medicinal theory. The meridian lines are a flow of energy through the body when certain ones are blocked you get certain symptoms.

“The needle is just a process of unblocking the meridian and getting things flowing again which reduces problems.”

For many, acupuncture is used simply as a form of pain relief, but for others it has been found to solve issues ranging from infertility in women, painful periods, sleepless nights and back discomfort.

A consultation takes place first, in which Paige assesses the patients’ specifics for instance, their diet, health problems and lifestyle habits.

Then, once a patient arrives for an appointment the needles are inserted and left in place for no longer than twenty minutes, whilst relaxing music is played which Paige says creates an extremely peaceful atmosphere.

Different techniques can sometimes see patients having a very small electric current applied to the needles to provide stimulation or having an Acu-Massage in which pressure is gently plied to some of the Acu-points.

She added: “It’s always a little bit surprising in terms of results. You just look at it and think how on earth does it work? I had a lady the other day who was pregnant and was struggling with insomnia. One treatment and she slept really well.

“And People with back pain, get a very quick result but it’s not all like that. It’s dosage related. You can’t just have one treatment and expect it to work. You wouldn’t have one pill…you’d take the whole packet.

“Generally, though if things are superficial and it’s not a long standing problem people tend to react very quickly.”