Written by Caitlin Lyth and Olivia Peace.

Lincoln is home to a lot of tea and coffee shops that are special in their own little way, but one you may have missed is Bell’s.


Tucked away near Roly Poly’s Fudge Shop, this quaint café is one of Lincoln’s hidden treasures. Distinguishable only by the Tudor, black and white cottage exterior, as soon as we walked in (watch your head on the low hanging beams!) we were greeted by a smile and warm welcome from the owner.

The main seating area was cosy, with a large fireplace against one wall and near to which we were seated. There were five of us, and with a few other patrons in there already, a cheerful atmosphere was created.

Despite not a huge selection of food to choose from, service was quick and friendly. Also caters for gluten. All in our group had the tea and a cake. The tea was as good as you would get anywhere else but at a very reasonable price, though it was the cakes that really stood out for us as customers.

Three of us had the brownies, one had the lemon Madeira cake and the other had the gluten free cake, which was gratifying for her because it is unusual for small independent cafe’s to cater for people with special dietary requirements. All of the cakes were delicious and we had absolutely no complaints.

Best of all, a pot of tea and cake cost us only for pound each. For skint students looking for something different to do on a friends’ birthday, it is the perfect place.

As a side note, the teapots and cups were adorable and really decent sizes. We each got at least two and a half cups from each pot, and who can resist a hot cup of tea in a flowery mug?

However, we would not recommend this cafe to a group of more than four or five due to seating arrangements.

Overall, great quality, delicious food, really pleasant atmosphere and perfect if you just want to do something different on a Saturday.

Rating: 5/5