Written by Amy Dobson

We’d all love to have lips as fabulous as Angelina Jolie, but for some of us, its unfortunate that our genes just will not allow it. The art of properly lining your lips can be a tricky one. You want them to look plump and sumptuous, but you also want to avoid looking like you’ve just walked out of the circus.

The do’s and dont’s of lining the lips are not at all obvious ones, however they could save you a lot of embarrassment and strange looks. If you follow these easy steps, you should be able to create the perfect lip, regardless of your shape and the colour you are using.

amyFirst off, you’ve probably all seen Rita Ora in the ‘body on me’ music video where she sports a red lip liner and nude lipstick. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, you’re not Rita Ora! Keep the colours similar and if possible, the perfect match will be even better. Remember, you’re looking to make the liner look natural and plump the lip, not make yourself look like you’ve had bad plastic surgery!

When over-lining to increase the size of the lip, keep the liner away from the outer corners of the lip. This plumps the entire lip, making it look unnatural. You want to over-line slightly the cupid’s bow and lower lip parallel to the chin. Don’t over-line too much though. You could end up looking like Kylie Jenner gone wrong.

Finally, keep it subtle. Don’t make the liner look really obvious like a thick dry-wipe pen has been rubbed around your mouth. After applying, remember to blend, which will ultimately leave you with the perfect plump.amy2