There are many things in life that happen to be imperfect, but ladies, don’t let one of these be your liner.

Although winged liner may not be essential to your makeup regime, it can be the one thing that can take you from a makeup look fit for work or a lecture to one that’s perfect for a night out on the town.

There’s an array of different liners out there; including gel eyeliner in a pot, a pen liner, thin liner brushes, thick liner brushes – and so it can be pretty daunting when you’re trying to find the one that’s perfect for you.

With a gel pot liner, it’s recommended to use an angled brush in order to help achieve the perfect wing and although some people prefer to use pencil liners, it’s hard to achieve the look that you’re aiming for.

To wing your liner make sure that you line it up with the end of your eyebrow and then arch it back down to your lid to create the shape of the wing. This will allow you to get both of the wings on either eyelid matching perfectly, because although your eyebrows are sisters, your wings must always be twins.eyeliner 2

If you’re struggling to commit to going straight in with liquid eyeliner, an easy way around this is to use a pencil liner first. This will allow you to create a stencil where you’d like your wing to go and then you can try filling it in with the liquid liner.

But if you find you’ve still not managed to get the perfect wing first time, there’s no mistake that can’t be tackled with a cotton wool bud – nobody will be able to detect a few mishaps with this little saviour.

Also, try to remember that every person has a preference for liner, and it’s perfectly okay to stick to what works for you. This can mean that you make your liner subtle and create a thin wing, or, on the other hand you can be bold and choose to thicken it out.

Although, like with anything; practice makes perfect.

PS: Enjoy winging it.