When exam results flood in, many A Level students are leaving school and trying to figure out what their next step will be. Two very popular options are heading straight to university or going on a gap year.

Travelling Some people are raring to go to university straight after finishing school whereas others feel they want a break and a chance to see the world before heading back for another minimum three years of education.

There is obviously no right way to do it, it is up to you whether a gap year or straight to university is best.

Many who take a gap year are not ready to carry on studying considering the last 14 years has consisted of only that. Taking a gap year has many advantages to it.

First, you need to raise the money before you can go on this incredible trip abroad. This leaves time for you to get a full time job and start earning money for yourself. Learning how to manage your money is something you will definitely need when coming to university. So learning this earlier while saving for a gap year is great experience.

Gap years also offer you the chance to visit places you have only ever dreamed of. Travelling the world with your friends or meeting new groups of people as you go around is a great experience.

Gap Year A lot of people think these days if you don’t take a gap year before going to university then you probably won’t get the chance once you finish. Though it is possible to go travelling after university this may become hard if you have a job already lined up. Seeing some of the most beautiful places in the word is a great experience and you know that you can always go to university the following year (or in two years if you decide the travelling life is for you and you extend your gap year).

However, a gap year isn’t for everyone. Heading straight to university for many people is exactly what they want after school. Yes, you are going to study, but you are also going to party and meet lots of new people and make new memories. With heading straight to university, you still have a strong work ethic like you would have done at school.

University is a daunting but also a very exciting time of life and heading straight to university means you get to go straight into studying a course you want to do.  Although your friends back at home will be getting ready for an incredible trip around the world, you will be out having fun making new experiences.

So whichever you choose to do first – embrace them as they are both incredible opportunities.