With so many universities to choose from, our reporter Janeen Harding is on hand to help you make that all important decision.

Photo: Becky Lancashire
Photo: Becky Lancashire

Choosing where to take up your degree, and where you’ll subsequently be living for the next few years is, let’s face it, a very daunting task. There are just so many things that need to be taken into consideration when applying for university, often more than just where has the best course.

For this reason, we at The Linc have tried to make the choice a little easier for you, by giving you four major reasons why you should study at the University of Lincoln.

It’s moving on up in the rankings

The University of Lincoln has moved up 11 places in the Guardian’s annual university rankings, which now makes us 54th in the country. The highest-ranking subjects include Film Studies, Media, Agriculture and Engineering. If that still doesn’t impress you, Journalism, Public Relations and Publishing is ranked at 5th place!

Lincoln is a beautiful and historic city

Photo: Becky Lancashire
Photo: Becky Lancashire

Recently, Lincoln Castle has been shortlisted for the Best UK Tourism Project by the British Guild of Travel Writers – a very prestigious nomination!

Aside from that, you also have Steep Hill, which has been named the “best street in Britain” by The Academy of Urbanism. The street offers a variety of independent shops, which gives you a wider selection of food and drinks, should you ever get bored of what’s on offer on the high street.

And let’s not forget the Cathedral, which is arguably what makes walking up Steep Hill incredibly worth it.

Everything is within walking distance

…which means you don’t have to set aside more money for public transport (or get out of bed any earlier than you need to!). Everything you need is just a short walk away, and even if you’re not the type who likes walking to and from places, you just might change your mind because of how picturesque the city of Lincoln is.

Also, this means you have more money to spend on food – which is obviously the most important thing!

The nightlife is varied and cheap

If the varied part doesn’t already sway you, then the cheap part definitely should (hello, students!). There’s an event on every night that caters to your particular taste in music. House night, Hip Hop and R&B, cheesy 70s and 80s music – you name it, there’s bound to be at least one night during the week where you can enjoy your thing!