The festive season is nearly upon us, but if you’re still feeling a bit Bah Humbug about it all, here are a few cracking ideas to set your Christmas spirit O -meter sky high!

Photo: Jamie MCaffrey/ Flickr
Photo: Jamie MCaffrey/ Flickr

1. Lincoln’s Christmas market
Our very own Christmas Market has recently been voted the ‘Best UK market’ by the Daily Mail. Placed between the picturesque Castle and Cathedral, the German inspired market has a range of festive stalls each year. If this prestigious award doesn’t encourage you to get your fill of mulled wine or stock up on baubles, I really don’t know what will!

2. Decorations
The only time of year when ‘tasteful’ decorations can be thrown out of the window! Lights, colours and tack galore are all allowed when sprucing up your house, and it can be the perfect way to get that Christmas-y feel.

3. Films
Not much beats the annual trip to the cinema to see that cheesy festive film. However embarrassing it is to admit to your mates, it is a definite calendar event you will not, and should not, pass on. Nothing is quite as warming as seeing that cuddly character make it through the narrative with a happy ending (aww!).

4. Food
Food, glorious food! This is about the only time of the year where it is completely socially acceptable to stuff yourself silly. Indulgence and even over- indulgence make for the perfect Christmas day. Your eyes will always be bigger than your belly when it comes to the turkey dinner portion size, and dipping your hand (more times than you care to admit) into the Quality Street Tin!

5. Baking
Do you remember those cookies that your Grandma used to always make during the holidays? Why not get your hands on the recipe and have a go yourself? Granted, they won’t taste a scratch like your Grandma’s, but the smile on your face when making them (maybe to a few Christmas tunes) will be priceless. Which brings me onto my next point…

6. Music
It’s time to play on repeat that beloved Mariah Carey ‘All I want for Christmas is you.’ Blaring it out around the house, you just can’t help but sing along!

7. The Christmas tree
Artificial or the real deal, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter though is the effort you make in dressing it!  Streams of tinsel, flashing lights, and that prized decoration you made in reception that your mum still treasures should all have their place on the tree.

8. Shopping
We all love a bit of retail therapy, but making sure we remember everyone’s gifts is most certainly the most stressful part of Christmas preparations. Secret Santa’s are a great way to make presents fun with friends, and it saves you some money not having to buy for absolutely everyone in the group. Although present buying is stressful, it’s all worth seeing your loved ones faces when they get that gift they’ve been wanting for so long.

9. Christmas lights
Don’t miss Lincoln’s annual Christmas Lights switch on this year. It event will be taking place on November 19th on the High Street outside the St Marks Shopping Centre, and is the perfect way to start the Christmas countdown.

10. Family and Friends
Last but not least is your family and friends. One of the very best things about Christmas is togetherness. So buy cards for them all, and send them out to those who you may not be seeing over the holidays, and don’t forget to have yourself a very, merry Christmas.