Since moving to Lincoln a year ago, I’ve realised there’s so much more to this wonderful city than first meets the eye. Sure, its excellency is completely visible on first impression; there’s no doubt about that, but as one of my favourite quotes reminds me: “true beauty lies only beneath the surface”…

overview of Lincoln
The city of Lincoln is overwhelmingly underrated, keeping many of its best aspects under wraps

The history

Lincoln’s earliest origins can be dated right back to the 1st century. When the Romans conquered in AD 48, a castle was built high on the hill; a place where you can now visit if you wish to explore the city’s history further.

The independent businesses

With the number of successful independent businesses growing each year, it’s no surprise that these are becoming one of the main attractions for visitors from across the country. From cafes to boutiques, ice cream parlours to wine bars, you’ll find it all on Lincoln’s Steep Hill and beyond.

The University

Since springing up under its current name in 2001, the University of Lincoln has attracted more and more students into the city each year, and has risen 60 places in the university rankings in just 4 years. The Independent newspaper even described the university as “the best thing to happen to Lincoln since the Romans”.

The nightlife

Though many people aren’t aware of it, Lincoln isn’t just the peaceful, historic city it seems by day. The nightlife in Lincoln is energetic, and varied, while promising not to burst the bank. There are many nightclubs and bars, as well as a series of real ale pubs which decorate Steep Hill, making it all the more worth the hike!

Charities and help services

One thing I’ve noticed since living in Lincoln is the high amount of services in place to help and support a variety of problems and needs. Groups include Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, Lincolnshire Rape Crisis, St Barnabas Hospice, which supports terminally ill children, homeless charity Framework and Shine Lincolnshire, a mental health organisation.

Picture: Airwolfhound/ Flickr
Picture: Airwolfhound/ Flickr

The Red Arrows

The Red Arrows, or the Royal Air Force Acrobatic Team as they’re properly known, are based at RAF Scampton (just to the north of the city) and can often be seen, and heard, flying over the city.

Local celebrities

He’s starred in the likes of Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Potter, Hot Fuzz, Indiana Jones and even Postman Pat the movie. Can you guess who is it yet? Oscar winning Jim Broadbent was born in Holton Cum Beckering, Lincolnshire and joins other notable people such as Lord Tennyson, Isaac Newton, Margaret Thatcher, Sheridan Smith and Jennifer Saunders who were all born in the county.

The Christmas Markets

Though many cities have caught onto the craze of playing host to an annual German Christmas market, none are quite like the one we have here in Lincoln. With thousands of people visiting each year, there are many reasons why you should be one of them!

The Magna Carta

Lincoln is home to one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta; a charter agreed by King John of England in 1215, making this year the 800th birthday of the historic document. You can visit the charter at the brand new Magna Carta vault, based in the new Magna Carta Vault at the castle.

The Cathedral Quarter

It may seem obvious, and not so much of a secret to most who know and have visited Lincoln, but the Cathedral Quarter is definitely worthy of being a main attraction. The cathedral, an example of English gothic architecture, and the 11th century Norman castle have both seen improvements in recent years ensuring the very best visitor experience, and certainly is one of the most beautiful secrets for one of the most beautiful cities in the country.