Photo: Ismail Mia/ Flickr
Fireworks are a common spectacle at this time of year, with millions either going to professional displays or putting on their own (Photo: Ismail Mia, via Flickr)

As the leaves fall to the ground and a cold crisp springs into the air, we all know it’s time to prepare for the winter months and all the festivities that come with them.

Bonfire Night is a national night of firework displays across the country. It’s the night we commemorate the failure of the November 1605 Gunpowder Plot by a gang of Roman Catholic activists led by Warwickshire-born Robert Catesby.

People will always remember (remember) the 5th of November, but here are some of the things I consider to be the best elements of the Bonfire Night celebration.

  1. Playing with sparklers has to be one of the best things about the bonfire weekend. There’s something about going outside and drawing our names in the dark that takes us back to our inner child.
  2. Hearing fireworks every single night of the week on the run up to bonfire weekend. As well as the firework displays, people attempt to let off fireworks in their gardens and local parks. You can always look out the window throughout the week and see some bright colours in the sky.
  3. Being able to drink Bailey’s hot chocolate and eat copious amounts candy floss.
  4. It’s always enjoyable to go on any fairground ride, at your local firework display regardless of your age.
  5. Lighting a bonfire, many displays light bonfires as part of their evening. If you have a safe environment to create your own, that’s fun too.
  6. There’s something festive about wrapping up warm in your gloves and hat ready to watch the local display.
  7. Coming together to spend time with friends and family it’s always one of the best parts of bonfire night.
  8. It helps relive the history of Guy Fawkes, and educate children about the history of the evening.
  9. Bonfire night recipes such as banoffee s’mores and apple pie.
  10. It’s the last key event before Christmas, once bonfire night has passed you know Christmas is on the way