If you’re a make-up lover, you will understand the excitement that accompanies the colder weather. This is the time of the year that lends itself to all sorts of make-up styles and one that doesn’t wreak as much havoc on your skin.

Although sometimes in Winter the combination of cold wind and central heating can cause dry skin, in summer, the heat can cause a make-up meltdown.

“High-street makeup brands have a lot of options for matte skin so you don’t have to splash out on a high-end one”

The warmer Winter days and Autumn however, provides that in-between. While in Summer its all about dewy skin, even if its actually just sweat, as the months get colder matte tends to be the finish of choice.

High-street brands have a lot of matte skin options, so you don’t have to splash on a high-end one. L’oreal’s Infallible 24hr Matte Foundation is probably the most well-known option and has amazing reviews.

Lipstick is the one product that rules make-up. Reds, burgundy browns and rich, deep purples are everywhere this season and rightly so. Anyone can find a shade to suit them as there are hundreds of options out there in every brand imaginable.

A dark lip can be worn with simple eyes for a wearable day look that lets the lips do all the talking. For night, a strong cat eye or smoky eye creates a dramatic look that screams autumn/winter.

makeup of various kinds
(Photo: Emily Braybrooke)

Purple tones are also perfect for a smoky eye, especially when paired with gold shimmer.

However tempting it may be to gravitate towards the bronzer all year round – and letting go of your holiday glow can be hard – but blusher might be your perfect replacement.

No matter what your skin tone is, a pop of blusher will create a flushed appearance, like that you would get from the cold weather.

Blusher is a beautiful staple for autumn and is often forgotten about but when your skin is feeling a little dull it’s the perfect solution.

Waving goodbye to the warmth of summer can be awful for some, but with Autumn/Winter comes endless make-up possibilities to make these seasons that little bit easier to welcome.