Karl McCartney has slammed the University of Lincoln Students’ Union for perceived bias in its current elections.

The ULSU Student Leaders Facebook account, officially run by the SU, posted on the ‘ULSU on tour!’ page, telling students to vote for Sammi Storey “#1 for president”.

This caused Lincoln MP Karl McCartney – himself a former Student Union president at St David’s University College in Wales – to tweet a condemnation of the post, saying that he would have had to ‘resign in disgrace’ if this happened when he was a student.

The post was later deleted, with the SU describing the error as being “wrongly posted because the ‘logged in’ account hadn’t changed”.

McCartney has had a fraught relationship with Lincoln SU in the last few months. Current SU president Hayley Jayne Wilkinson sent an open letter to the Conservative criticising his ‘deplorable’ move to vote against the removal of the tampon tax. McCartney then defended his stance in a statement, saying the tax was down to the EU.

Lincoln SU have declined to comment on this matter to “ensure a free and fair election”.

UPDATE 26/02/2016 15:26: Sammi Storey has, now that elections have closed, issued an apology for her mistake on Facebook. “I know many people won’t read, believe, or may twist my words,” she claimed, “but just wanted to say that what happened with the miss posting [sic] on the student leader page was a genuine mistake.

“Those who know me know I would never use foul play to promote myself and I am sorry for the trouble it caused.”

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