Becoming healthier doesn’t have to mean taking away all the things you love. (Photo: Doloresa Lapina / Flickr)

Healthy living is important, but can also seem unappealing to those who don’t have much time to spare.

With so many restricting diets being advertised, it’s hard to find some easy life changes to stick to that will improve your general health and give you a well-needed boost. Here are 10 simple steps towards a happier, healthier YOU!

Start stocking up on your super foods
You may think these are fads, but superfoods have some real benefits to your body. Items such as kale, spinach, blueberries and quinoa are not only delicious, but are full of nutrients that will fight off diseases.

Swap sweet snacks with fruit
Although both contain sugar, the sweetness in fruit is natural. The refined sugars in snacks removes the fibre and vitamins, whereas fruit is unrefined. Sticking to natural foods means you can satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining healthy.

Get your sleeping pattern on track 
Sleep affects you more than you would think, so try not to pull too many late nighters. Getting a bad night’s sleep not only changes your mood negatively, but also changes your concentration levels and makes your skin worse.

Don’t fall for Instragram or celebrity diets
As many people are looking for quick fixes, it’s easy to see why turning to a famous face would be the first port of call. Although they may help lose some weight quickly, this will all be gained back quickly and is therefore not a good permanent lifestyle change.

Cut out fizzy drinks altogether
It’s a well-known fact that fizzy drinks are bad for your teeth, but they also play a big part in bloating, weight-gain and gas. Try to stick to drinking these a minimum if you aren’t able to stop altogether.

Drink as much water as possible
Water is key when staying healthy and hydrated, so make sure you keep a bottle with you at all times.

Have a cup of green tea in the morning
Coffee is many people’s go-to drink, but the large amount of caffeine can wreak havoc on our sensitive bodies. Green tea contains a large amount of nutrients that helps with healthy weight loss, clearing the skin and killing bacteria.

Start taking the stairs, and walk more
Avoiding the elevator seems like a minor thing, but is a good way to get a boost of exercise during the day. Walking rather than taking public transport as well as taking a pet outside is another great way of doing this.

Cut down on the amount of dairy products you consume
These products are often the cause of stomach cramps, bloating, skin problems and weight gain. Switching to almond or soya milk is an easy step to a healthier life, as well as trying vegan cheese alternatives.

Enjoy a smoothie in the morning
Breakfast is a vital part of your day, so why not start it with a vitamin-packed drink? Blending your favourite fruits together with almond milk, ice or yoghurt is not only a way to get your five a day, but it’s also delicious and energising.