Applications are open for the The Linc’s 2016/17 editorial team!

If you like writing, photography, podcasting, filming, or journalism in general, then we’ve got something for you at The Linc.

You can apply to become one of our section editors in news, culture, lifestyle, style, and sport. (There’s one editor and one deputy editor for each section.) They have a huge passion for the topics they cover, and lead a team of writers into getting the stories and interviews that will keep our student audience gripped.

We also have an Audio & Visual Editor, who has a penchant for multimedia production. They’ll assist each of the sections in making really interesting podcasts and viral videos, and will be bursting with ideas for content.

Or you could apply for the top dog positions – Editor & Deputy Editor – who oversee everything that’s going on, meet regularly to help the section editors, keep the website in tip-top shape, design and commission the print editions, and get the final say over what goes in and what doesn’t. It’s fun, but it’s a lot of responsibility.

No matter what you want to apply for, we’ve condensed it all into one simple, easy-to-use application form, which you can find below.

Applications close on Wednesday, April 6 at 6pm. If you experience any problems with the application form, email

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